Alice + Piers / Wedding

Private Residence :: Shoreham, Vermontalice_piersDSC_0654 0078a_50045a_60101 a_7 0140a_9 0053a_801810189a_10jpg02440004a_11033403520373a_1204060380a_130400a_4DSC_0616aa_10608a_20609a_3 0583 a_90012a_140656a_30253a_60303a_10286a_20661a_40642 a_506740670a_806680784080508340829Venue: Private Residence // Caterer: Tourterelle // Photography: Birke Photography // Dress:  Angelo Lambrou // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Florist: Bloomers Garden Flowers// Groom’s suit: Burburry // Ceremony Musician: The Maplejams

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1 Response to Alice + Piers / Wedding

  1. Judi says:

    Was a beautiful celebration! Lovely photos!

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