Nicole + Mark / A Chattanooga Wedding

The Crash Pad :: Chattanooga, Tennessee

03880010n_400540081n_100080140n40141n_60079n_202250223 0215n_16804520170031401800402n_70378nicole1026302790658n_304410515 0498n_80530n_205190565 0566n_90593n6061906220462n_10 04880503n_120469n_130785n_14 0754n_150763n_1608040869n_1 n407890899n3n2Venue: The Crash Pad // Dress: Nicole Miller// Makeup : Jill Clark // Bridesmaid Dress: Mod Cloth // Caterer: The Moss’s // Photography: Birke Photography // Florist: Blue Ivy Flowers // Wedding coordinator: Victoria Love // Tent Company: Chattanooga Tent // DJ: Tone Harm // Ceremony Musician: Eric Plillippi and Angel Snow // Stationary: Mark Song, Cast of Characters

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