Video Production

Sarah Jean + John :: Private Residence :: Essex, New York

Sanne + James :: The Inn at the Round Barn :: Waitsfield, Vermont

Krissie + Dan :: West Mountain Inn :: Arlington, Vermont

Bridget + Dan :: Quechee Inn :: Quechee, Vermont

Kiki + Joey :: Mountain View Farm :: East Burke, Vermont

Andrea + Josh :: Amee Farm :: Pittsfield, Vermont

Sarah + John :: Private Residence :: Columbia, South Carolina

Jen + Scott :: The Hildene :: Manchester, Vermont

Kelly + Matt :: The Inn at the Round Barn :: Waitsfield, Vermont

Jenny + Francis :: The 1824 House :: Waitsfield, Vermont

Helena + Joe :: Private Residence :: Waitsfield, Vermont

Natasha + Niraj :: The Mountain Top Inn :: Pittsford, Vermont


5 Responses to Video Production

  1. Gail and Dale says:

    We love the video. Cant wait to see the full length version! Thank you so much for all your hard work at our wedding, you have captured a moment in time we will never forget and each of your photos and seconds of your video will remind of us of that moment forever.

  2. Margo says:

    awesome video!! very sublte and creative use of black and white, stills and edits. You guys rock! When I get married I’m flying you to wherever I am!!

  3. Sarah Jo says:

    LOVE IT! They day was captured beautifully!

  4. Barbara Sue Schubert says:

    Congratulations! I had no idea you were getting married or honeymooning in Hawaii! How awesome – went to Hawaii too for our honeymoon. It was terrific.
    You and Sam look so happy – very cool.

  5. Tiffany Osowiecki says:

    The day looked perfect, having never met I am glad to have finally seen what the two of you look like and what better way than looking gorgeous and handsome on your wedding day. I hope you all enjoyed the cupcakes! Congratulations.

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